Adroverse - Future game NFTs receives investment from Funverse fund


March 2022, Adroverse was officially invested 50,000$ by Funverse in the project for future development.


Metaverse of Heroes is a game that simulates the evolution of the Adroverse Galaxy. Players will play the role of survivors of the apocalypse in the 31st century who must fight for the survival of themselves and their fellows. Along with that players can build their own space cities to conquer the universe again.



In Adroverse, there are three kinds of games: Free 2 Play, Play 2 Earn, and Free 2 Earn. Adroverse has its storyline and a wide range of fictional characters.  Things that make Adroverse, a pioneer are its applications and technology which is the foundation of its Metaverse.


The Adroverse team aims to build a digital commodity economy with "citizens" rather than just a play2earn game. These citizens will be able to earn crypto via trading, producing digital items, commercial business, DeFi as well as other gaming activities.


Funverse considers in the long term that Adroverse will be a decentralized metaverse based on multi-chain (BSC, Solana, IPFS, Chainlink…) where everyone can play games, socialize, and earn NFT crypto/assets together. In addition, Adroverse is impressed by eye-catching and detailed design which attracts a large of players of various age-associated.


About Adroverse team


As a young and creative team with more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology and over 10 years of game development, Adroverse team has made a difference in a ton of games today.


Therefore, Adroverse also has cooperated with big partners namely TrustPad, Bin Starter, Safe Launch, Shima Capital, Bull Perks, Synapse Network, Dutch Crypto Investors, MH Ventures, HUB, Startfi…



For more information about Adroverse, visit the following links:


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About Funverse


Funverse Capital is a blockchain-focused venture capital fund formed by Funtap, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the last five years in Vietnam. Funverse investment portfolio in projects related to crypto gaming, play-to-earn, NFT gaming, and so on. Aims to the transmission the knowledge in traditional publishing games for GameFi to help the balance in-game. Normally, Funverse focuses on investing in the not well-known project but could see the ability to blossom and go up in value in the future.


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