VN Gaming firm launches blockchain fund
Funtap, a Vietnam-based mobile game publisher, has launched a US$10 million investment fund for blockchain-focused tech startups.
Funtap launched its $10M capital fund dedicated to blockchain-focused tech startups
The official launching ceremony of Funverse Capital in Hanoi on January 16th, 2022
Monster Era Officially Launches Mainnet Nov 1 - Users Can Easily Own Many Gifts Including Box, NFT, Token
After more than one month since the September 15 $HUB token listing on MEXC, Monster Era has announced that Mainnet will be on November 1, 2022, at 6 PM UTC+7.
Funverse Capital Committed to Investing up to $10M in Hubgame to Make GameFi Great Again
The funds will enable HubGame to build out a solid blockchain infrastructure bringing notable changes to GameFi.
Funtap and Icetea Labs strategic partnership in the field of Blockchain
On July 26, 2022 morning, representatives of FUNTAP and ICETEA LABS held a ceremony to sign a strategic partnership agreement.
Funverse enters partnership with beFITTER to build a healthy and aspirational lifestyle
July 2022, Funverse decided to invest $50,000 to cooperate with beFITTER which is a new idea of sports game that aims to build a healthy ecosystem helping users balance their lives.
Adroverse - Future game NFTs receives investment from Funverse fund
March 2022, Adroverse was officially invested 50,000$ by Funverse in the project for future development.
Funverse partners with Heroes of the Land to launch a new concept of earning in NFT games
In March 2022, Funverse Capital announced that invested in Heroes of the Land which is the first MMO RTS game in the blockchain world, introducing a new Concept of Earning in NFT gaming space.