Monster Era Officially Launches Mainnet Nov 1 - Users Can Easily Own Many Gifts Including Box, NFT, Token


After more than one month since the September 15 $HUB token listing on MEXC, Monster Era has announced that Mainnet will be on November 1, 2022, at 6 PM UTC+7.



November 1 Mainnet


The GameFi market is proving its dramatic development with countless high-quality games highly valued by experts as well as the user community around the globe, and Monster Era is a leading one among those.


The Monster Era user community is excited ahead of the launch as the game brings about easily approachable, entertaining, and trendy gameplay. In addition, after three times of strict testnet, Monster Era is ready to officially present an optimum and complete Mainnet version to its over 12000 users at 6 PM UTC+7 on November 1.


Monster Era will be the first game to appear in the forthcoming Hubgame platform. With a huge investment from large funds, the Hubgame platform is expected to have a presence with more than 50 different games. Find more information HERE.


With Monster Era, users can enjoy a better ROI, resulting in an enhanced GameFi experience. For instance, users can get a payback for investing in a team party with 5 Pets NFT after only 22.5 days or can even make more valuable profits.



In preparation for the release of the Mainnet version on November 1, the Monster Era team has kicked off many attractive events with $15000 and gifts, including Box, NFT, and Token.


Lucky Eggs Event – Easy-to-play-easy-to-win (October 29 - November 11)


- Objects: All users

- Rule:

Step 1: Access the website to join the event

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Step 3: Complete daily quests to receive turns

+ Daily login gets 1 turn (0/1)

+ Share Landing gets 2 turns (0/2)

+ Join Telegram Group: 1 turn (0/1)

+ Invite 5 friends to get: 2 turns (0/2) (Maximum 2 turns per day but unlimited number of invites)

Step 4: Click "Play now" to proceed to pick up your favorite lucky egg

When the player picks up the egg, they will randomly receive 1 of 8 huge gift packages or "Good luck next time".

- Gifts:

+ Token: $HUB Token is the primary "earning" and "spending" in-game token of the Monster Era

+ Upgrade Box: 30000 Exp Stone + 88888 Gold

+ Evolution Box: 2000 Evolution Stone + 66666 Gold

+ Magic Box: 2222 Magic Dust + 68686 Gold

+ Summon Box: 2 Silver Orb + 1 Golden Orb

+ NFT Mythical boxes contain a random Pet NFT from a collection that will be revealed when you open the box. You can open the box at

+ Box opening rate:

Rare eggs: 70%

Super rare eggs: 30%


Apart from quick hands and sharp eyes, the user's luck is also a key factor in determining how many valuable gifts they will have.


Arena Top Race Season 1


You can also choose to fight in intense strategic battles with other users through "Arena top race Season 1" event from 6 PM on November 1 to 11:59 PM on November 20.



It is an event for all users of Monster Era. Users start joining to experience in-game Arena features. After every match win against rivals, users will get bonus points, and minus points if they lose. The top 500 users with higher scores will receive the following gifts:



Monster Era, during the Testnet stage, has kept its promise by bringing unforgettable experiences to the user community and making remarkable accomplishments, including:

- More than 12000 users around the world

- More than 72000 accounts signed up for the Arena ranking event

- More than 600 accounts active daily

- More than 2000 applications for downloading

- More than 4000 Testnet boxes sold



Overview of Monster Era


Monster Era is a free NFT game in blockchain with match-3 puzzles and RPG gameplay.

-Easy to play and make money in 2 minutes

-Users can freely experience all in-game features

- Integrated with Fiat

-Free users can mint Non-NFT Monster into NFT

-Assured ROI for users and limit the possibility of earning Token of Monster with Energy feature

- Evolution feature helps burn Monster

-The gameplay helps users create their own playing style

-Users can receive in-game resources passively with Campaign Treasure feature

Monster Era is simply a fantastic puzzle game for everyone.


For more information about Monster Era, visit the following links:


Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Facebook | Youtube

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