Funverse Capital Committed to Investing up to $10M in Hubgame to Make GameFi Great Again


The funds will enable HubGame to build out a solid blockchain infrastructure bringing notable changes to GameFi.



HubGame X Funverse


Funverse has announced that it will invest up to $10M in Hubgame. This investment will enable HubGame to develop and grow while adding more valuable changes to the GameFi industry.



As of February 2022, GameFi's market capitalization has been $55.38B. Blockchain gaming is predicted to reach $50B by 2025, 10x traditional gaming's growth rate. But this "gold rush" has brought new challenges for NFT Games stakeholders, which makes their earnings and playing stuck.


Because the majority of GameFi projects now place a heavy emphasis on profitability rather than playability and accessibility, many blockchain games rise and fall rapidly. Blockchain game earnings are too risky. Both investors and users fear rug pulls, Ponzi schemes, and pyramid schemes projects.


When there are challenges, there will be solutions. In the midst of chaos and volatility marked by a bearish time, HubGame believes that this is the ideal time to filter the low-quality projects while managing to weather through this crypto storm.



HUBGAME will be home to 50 NFT games where members can play, earn, and trade seamlessly and effortlessly across the games. With the huge fund raised from Funverse, they are confident in completing the infrastructure to build up a bold blockchain platform for future development.


Vibrant GameFi ecosystem – all in one platform: Everything you need to make your GameFi investment experience more seamless, secure, and effective is in one place.


Launchpad: It is made easy for game makers to raise capital for their new projects via Initial NFT Offerings. Investors and passionate gamers have access to the latest NFT games when they first come out.


Payment Gateway: With a few taps, you can buy NFTs and crypto tokens with fiat money.


Wallet: A secure and user-friendly crypto wallet makes it easy to store, move, and manage game NFT assets besides the typical features of a crypto wallet.


Marketplace: A marketplace with great emphasis on UX design brings many convenient features for managing, listing, and trading game NFTs - all in one place without hassle.


Exchange: A fast, liquid, and reliable centralized crypto exchange offering seamless and effortless experiences of trading HUB tokens with a variety of cryptocurrencies.


DeFi: We offer community members DeFi services such as lending, borrowing, farming, staking, and leverage trading.


This robust ecosystem with a secure, user-friendly, and independent crypto wallet makes it easy to store, move, and manage game NFT assets besides the typical features of a crypto wallet.



"With a dedicated team of technology and blockchain veterans, HubGame is confident in building GameFi's bright future where everyone wins! We will help game publishers raise funds and attract new users effectively. Gamers and investors can enjoy a pool of qualified GameFi projects that bring both joy and financial rewards." Mr. Phillips Dao – CEO HubGame


"HubGame persuades us by how they build up the game ecosystem that helps everyone involved win. We want to be a part of the GameFi revolution, in which HubGame will be the new capital for the upcoming projects." Mr. Duc Tran – Managing Partner at IDG Blockchain Capital


"Working with HubGame to bring the traditional games to the blockchain space makes us excited. We want to help qualified GameFi projects get the attention that they deserve while enabling them to grow faster and faster. Together, we will make a brighter future for blockchain-based games." Mr. Tony Manh - Head of Game Publishing, Funtap.


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