Funverse announces investment in Ninneko game


November 2021, Funverse decided to invest 50,000$ in Ninneko which is an NFT game project with extremely high development potential in order to expand the scale as well as the creation.


Ninneko is an enchanting NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain platform in which players can earn by nurturing Ninneko - adorable Ninja Cats in a mysterious village deep in the jungle and building squad to defeat the enemy through PvP/PvE battles.


The development team set out to make an RPG game about the world of cats that would provide players with exciting experiences and in-depth gameplay. Additionally, players will benefit from their fellow participants, as well as their investors. All towards a shared sustainable future. Ninneko also cooperates with Gamer communities around the world to approach as many users as possible and bring the product to those who are passionate about NFT games.


For the first time, Ninneko was impressed investors with eye-catching design and prevailing trends. In addition, team Ninneko always follows the route that they announced from the beginning and that makes the players trusted.



After launching, Ninneko has connected with over 8000 holders and the total transaction value is 43769.21 BNB. Binance Smart Chain reviews that Ninneko was the hottest game at that time. Ninneko is shined on the Trending Blockchain Games List, blasting in at No.9 on this chart dated 2022 on (one of the most popular GameFi websites).


Funverse said: “This is what we looking for in investments. It has good gameplay and great teams - the ingredients of successful game companies.”


About Ninneko team


With more than 10 years of experience, Ninneko team has a lot of big projects such as Da Tam Quoc, Boom Ba Online, Idle 3Q…. Especially in 2015, Team Ninneko won the first prize in Bluebird Award. With their thinking and ability, the team has created ninja cats with unique and vivid designs to help players pay attention to the game.


Besides Funverse, Ninneko also has cooperated with big partners namely Launch Zone, Shima Capital, AvaStar Capital, Xantus, Mayor Capital, Red Hat, Seed Thrift Ventures, Dream Boat Capital, CoinLab…. 



For more information about Ninneko, visit the following links:


Join Ninneko here!



About Funverse


Funverse Capital is a blockchain-focused venture capital fund formed by Funtap, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the last five years in Vietnam. Funverse investment portfolio in projects related to crypto gaming, play-to-earn, NFT gaming, and so on. Aims to the transmission the knowledge in traditional publishing games for GameFi to help the balance in-game. Normally, Funverse focuses on investing in the not well-known project but could see the ability to blossom and go up in value in the future.


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